Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sick ???


Okay today my post is all about sick! Okay, actually i'm sick with someone, she totally made me thinking that i'm not a good enough for her. Ya, sometimes couple also have a  problem isn't it?Love is not completed without a fight. Okay, just a moment earlier I had a small problem with her. She should also be understood that I just finished my class, and she think that  I'm not take serious what she did. She did not to say that I do not appreciate what she done , she talk like that, make me hurt and get a headache. Urgghh..  And she told me, that she want a some space to make herself calm. Okay, I'll give it to her. But no need to say I'm not appreciate her and so on. She also knew that I only love her, why must say like that? arghhh! Sometimes our lover is like a......... Ya you know right?   I don't have mood to update my blog today, so I think I just wanna wrote this only. So for my lovely GIRLFRIEND..please understand me too? I love you so much lol..can't you see that?  WHATEVER! p/s : I LOVE YOU  NEXT TIME DON'T DO THAT! I FORGIVE YOU, NEXT TIME BE CAREFUL OKAY?

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